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Reviews: Testimonial Form

-Kelly Johnston-

"Jason was wonderful! Very professional with an eye for great shots and lighting. The color of my particular car is difficult to capture through a lens but he nailed it! Highly recommend JM Automotive Photography."

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-Danny O'Connor-
"After researching photographers for a while, I decided to let Jason shoot my cars. I have made the right choice as we are halfway through my cars and the photos on each have come out better than my expectations. In Addison, He has always been early to appointments and ready to go. Glad to have met up with Jason."

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-Matt Trent-
"Jason did an outstanding job and was very professional. My car wasn't the only one getting pictures and he made time for each of us that wanted him to do the job before, during, and after the rain. He is for sure top notch and you should definitely give him an opportunity to work with you and your car!!"

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-Rick Eaton-
" Very professional, highly recommend! His passion definitely shows in his work! Would I recommend him? Yes."

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-Tamsen Beroth-

 Owner of Speedology Lifestyle Solutions, LLC

"Jason has an amazing eye for the right shot! When it comes to backgrounds, angles and all the other dynamic aspects of a great picture - he knows it! I absolutely recommend that you connect with him about any of your automotive photography needs!! Don't wait and reach out to Jason today!!"

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-John Hammer-
"It was a chilly night and people were walking through our area constantly. Not ideal for a photo shoot. I actually felt bad for Jason because he had to keep re-doing his shots. Truthfully, his effort was well worth it as he captured my Alfa 4C better than it ever had been. Great work!"

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-Russ Litka-
"Working with Jason was a pleasure. Jason is very professional and has a great eye for his craft. The photographs he took were awesome and were presented in a professional manner. If you are considering some photo's of your baby, I would suggest contacting Jason. Thank you Jason."

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