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My passion and life blood

Ever since I was very little I had an aptitude for creativity and detail. Through the years of grade school I was always excited to learn of new mediums and art forms. I found myself getting spread thin with all the different things that I was learning. Towards the end of my senior year in high school I started to really enjoy photography. The thrill of seeing an amazing photo opportunity and going through the process that produced high quality images became addictive. Rewind back to me at age 6. The birth of my obsession with cars. Seeing the original Dodge Viper or the Lamborghini Diablo and similar "Hotwheels" cars as I called them gave me a huge feeling of wonderment and amazement. It still does to this day! So, fast forward back to the present. Those who know me will say that I am still just that little kids who loves cars, the only difference is that I have combined the two passions. Photography and cars, the perfect combo! 


My passion or shall I say obsession is to create the best quality images that I can while composing a striking and unique shot. Nothing pleases me more than seeing the end result and feeling proud of what was created. I find joy in inspiring clients and giving them something that brings joy and pride. Why me? Well all I can really say is that the biggest value I bring is a burning PASSION for automotive photography!

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